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Digital Marketing International is a multimedia marketing company.  We can help with traditional and digital forms of marketing and advertising.  If you have a small business or a large well-known brand within your industry we can assist you with helping you grow or define your message to your target market.  Digital Marketing International is currently assisting businesses globally and if you are interested in expanding your products and services you can count on us to open the door to other markets.

Digital Marketing International – What We Do Exactly

We take businesses that have an interest in growing internationally and provide a road map for those businesses that will allow us to create and optimize multilingual and multinational websites so they can expand.  We also work with existing businesses that have customers in other countries but want to gain a bigger presence and market share in those regions.  Reaching a global audience for business is one of the many things we excel at so businesses can grow cash flow, revenue and profits.


What You Can Expect From Us

Digital Marketing International determines if international SEO efforts will be profitable before starting SEO work for your business

Digital Marketing International determines which search engines are the right ones to target

Digital Marketing International has keyword research tools for finding keywords in other languages and countries.

Digital Marketing International determines the right structure for setting up multi-lingual versions of your website or an additional website for your business.

Digital Marketing International insures site visitors are directed to the right version of the site based on their language or location.

Digital Marketing International adds language tags to specific pages to help search engines understand the page is intended for your ideal prospect or customer.

Digital Marketing International identifies the right type of back links for your international website.

The Digital Marketing International Process Described

Digital Marketing International has its own unique techniques we apply to your businesses global website to successfully target multiple countries and multiple languages. This requires your international website to have a strategic site structure so we can inform search engines which of your businesses website pages should be shown to the type of high quality visitors that are likely to become your customers based on their location and/or language spoken.

Our approach is designed for those businesses that have at least a basic understanding of direct response advertising or digital marketing so we can walk you through everything we need to do to prepare your website for international rankings in the search engines, countries and languages that will generate the greatest return for your business.

We need your help to determine where we will see the greatest results for your business using digital marketing internationally.  After all, you know your ideal customer better than anyone.  So we need your input.  Your input will also help us determine which search engines we should target for you.  Not all search engines are built the same.  We want to make sure we are optimizing your site for the correct search engine or search feature so they return to us the best results.  We undertake a complete keyword research process in many languages with the tools we have at our disposal.  As part of the process we educate you on the three different types of international website structuring options that are easy to understand so you can decide which is best for your business.

We don’t take a generic approach with your business.  We know your business expanding into international markets is something that has to be done with great care and deliberate action that will lead to the greatest return on your investment.  We also know how and will insure that visitors are directed to the right version of your website specific to the language they speak and country in which they are located.

We will provide your international website with language tags that are necessary for your website to function properly in international markets.  Our backlink marketers locates in over fifty-five countries will insure your website receives the type of backlinks you need for ranking well organically in international search results for you international website.

Digital Marketing International recommends implementing international digital marketing practices when your business website has or is going to have content in another language in order to penetrate a country specific market, you want to target multiple countries, you are using multiple languages, expand your business into international markets, or your business/website is already generating customers from different parts of the world.

Digital marketing internationally can be quite complex especially with different versions of your website all targeting different geographic locations. We know everything there is to know about how to get great rankings for your website internationally.  When we take on a new client we walk them through the full process of how we are prepared to help your grow your business on a global scale.  We know exactly what to do with your existing website or how to create a new website that can provide you with the greatest advantage for success in the global economy online.

Digital Marketing International is also available on a consulting basis for those business owners who see fit to take action on their international digital marketing campaigns in-house.  So, if you have any questions or get stuck we will be there to problem solve and get you through the difficult times.  Join us one way or the other so that together we can take your business to the next level by contacting us.


North America

Digital Marketing International – Canada

The Eaton Centre

1 Dundas Street West, Suite 2500,

Toronto, Ontario, M5G 1Z3 Canada

South America

Digital Marketing International – Brazil

Rua Feliepe Schmidt, 649

Edificio Torre do Colina Sala 1205

Florianopolis – SC- CEP 88010-001 Brazil


Digital Marketing International – China

China Life Tower 5th Fl.,

16 Chaoyangmenwai Street,

Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100020


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